Krasi Style Handmadе

Be simply different.

We should be two things:
classy and fabulous.

Every client who owns proper style has an opportunity to order a select model, personal size, desire color, different combination and preferred material. “Krasy Style” offers personal consultation in a comfortable for the client place and time. If you have a dream product, tell us and we’ll create it for you! We want our customers to enjoy the “added value” service we offer and to be completely satisfied of wearing our products.
What we believe
The creativity target of “Krasi Style” is to invent knitwear daily turning any dream in modern, different, comfortable clothing or accessory. We believe that when the creativity guides us, the infinity possibilities will follow us. Although many companies sell knitwear as part of their collections we hope that greatness comes when we focus on one and only thing. Therefore handmade clothes are the main target of our business. We set fundamental rule which we follow: Each subsequent works better than the previous! Trust and quality! Caused by the convectional, striving for perfection will lead us to high creative works.
How it's made
The ideas and dreams of Krasi Style are brought to life by creative minds, skillful hands, and inspiration to create something new.
Ideas accumulated with travels around the world, downhill slopes, watching movies, cycling, nature walks and performed by talented hands stitch after a stitch.
The goal is to create something different, soft, protruding and subtle, using natural materials that give comfort, warmth and serenity to touch.
It’s so simple, but it’s not that easy.
At Krasi Style, we are proud to say, that we have found some of the people who love the product, embodying the fresh ideas and the original elements in it.
Color combinations are a matter of intuition. There are no right and wrong combinations, it only matters what you like.
Materials & care for the products
Krasy Style is using only natural materials such as wool, cotton, bamboo, linen, mohair, silk all with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Soft, fine, warm and pleasing, the natural fabrics are suitable for wearing during each season. For better strength and lustre of the clothing, we use acrylic as an admixture to the natural fiber, which again is typical for it’s hypoallergenic properties.
Care and maintenance:
Washing: for keeping the best appearance of the product, we recommend using a washing machine for delicate fabrics or just hand wash with low temperature water.
Drying: Not recommended!

“Krasi Style” is a new inspiration to revive the art of knitting by hand in the modern world. We use the best yarns possibly with maximum percentage of natural materials, unlimited color combinations and usage of some complicated techniques for manufacturing the product. We believe that handmade products just look and feel better. Loop after loop, talented hands create authentic and vivid feeling which can’t be recreated by a machine. From yarn balls we create unique pattern to all of our products to touch the heart of every fan of the individual, harmonious and different style! “Krasi Style” creates works, cearing the print of the personality of their creator.